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No Photoshoot? Really? 
So Then How Does This Work Exactly?

It's Easy!  Just let me know which design you like the best and I will guide you through how to take the photo yourself... right in the comfort of your own home!  No need to try and schedule around feedings, nap times, practices, dinner or any other commitment that makes life so hectic these days.  Just find a time that suits you best and snap away!  

Any Camera or Smart Phone will work just as long as there are no filters on and the photo quality is turned all the way to it's highest setting.  

Not sure if you captured your subject exactly right?  No problem, send me ALL the photos you took!  The more I have to choose from, the better your final product will turn out!  

Here are a few of the major guidelines to follow when taking your own photographs:


1. Make sure your ENTIRE subject is in the photo.  No body parts or clothing is cut off. 

2. Simple clothing with no large, flashy logos, pictures or patterns work best. 

3. Always take the photo at 'eye-level' not from above or below (unless requested to do otherwise). 

4. Using something to help stabilize your hands or camera when taking your photo will help a great deal with the sharpness of the photo.  

Email me at with any questions or to order your favourite design!

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