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Hopefully I have been able to answer your question here!  

However if you need more information feel free to email me at OR fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Can more than one person or child be in the photos?  

While some photos can accommodate more than one person in the photo,  most are designed best when only 1 person is included in the photo.  It is best to inquire if more than one person can be accommodated when ordering your picture.  There may be a small additional charge to add more people due to the extra editing time.  

Can I get a discount if I order more than one Photo?
Each photo is priced based on the time it takes to edit and create each image.  If more than 5 images are ordered at one time, prices may be negotiable.  Please inquire at the time of order.  

Can I use my Phone to take pics?

Absolutely!  Just turn up the photo quality to high and make sure there are NO FILTERS on. Often times a smart phone can take better pictures than a regular camera, so snap away!

How Long Does it Take to Receive my Finished Image?

My aim is to ensure all photos are completed within 1 week from order date.  Images will not begin to be edited until payment is received. 

Do you offer Prints?

We do not offer prints at this time.  Please feel free to send in and have your images printed at any printer of your choice.  

Can I post my images on Social Media?

Yes!  I love seeing my work on  social media pages!  It is so rewarding to know my clients love their images and are excited to share them with friends and family!  Any tags, mentions or shout outs would be very appreciated to help me grow my business.

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