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We will be at Once Upon a Child on Cambridge,
On Sept 25th 



My Name is Anita Langlois.  Thank you so much for taking the time to wander through my website!  I have always been a very artsy and creative person and an entrepreneur at heart.  Having a creative outlet is an extremely important part of my life as I try my best to navigate the stressful yet enormously rewarding journey of being a wife and mother to 2 amazing children (and 4 fur babies).  Our life has been irreversibly changed by Childhood cancer which in part is the driving force behind starting Imaginart Digital Creations.  You can read more about our story below. 


In 2012 our lives were flipped upside down when my son, who was then only 4 years old, was diagnosed with Cancer.  Over the last 9 years we have come together as a family to support him through a total of 4 fights with Leukemia.  Throughout this time, we have lived in and out of 3 different hospitals in 2 different countries and have attended countless appointments to ensure he received the best care possible.  

Since both my body and my mind were busy taking care of my son, there was never an opportunity to work a regular job. However, with childhood cancer comes a multitude of added expenses and bills, so not working at all was not an option.  This is where the desire to be self-employed was born.  I have had various home based businesses including sewing monogrammed baby blankets, creating custom designed cakes and starting my own Practice Management Consulting business.  My most recent and most ambitious endeavor was Backdrop Studios, which I opened in 2019 after 2 years of great health for my son.  It was a dream come true, however less than 6 months after opening the doors, my son's cancer came back once again.  I sold as many of the assets as I could and closed the doors as soon as possible so I could move back into the hospital with my son.  This time it was Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto where my son received a bone marrow transplant from his little sister.  With both kids in the hospital and having to live in Toronto for almost 3 months, I had no reservations or regrets about selling the business and knew in my heart it was the right thing to do.  

Now in 2021, my son is doing well and is healthier than he has been in years. (Knock on Wood) ;) However, it leaves me in the very familiar situation of trying to find work while still taking him to many follow up appointments and check ups.  Once again, I am choosing to be self-employed and continue creating these Fantasy Photos that were a well loved part of Backdrop Studios.  I hope you consider continuing your support of our family and my business by allowing me to create some great digital art for you or your loved ones!

We could never have gotten through the last nine years without the support of our amazing friends, family and community.  Thank to you all from the bottom of our hearts! 

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